3rd of July, 2016 Friendship Match: Korea Dream Team, Golden Bats

We had Friendship match on the 3rd of July, 2016. National team against “Dream Team” from Siem Reap, Korean 2 teams combined as one team and Golden Bats, Japanese Team formed in Phnom Penh. First game Golden Bats vs. National Team. 7-4 Loss Second game Dream Team vs. National Team. 0-15 Win The first game article: Bit Sao as a starter chosen by our team captain Choy Vanna. As a head coach myself had a thought that until the game is settled, I would rather put Phearoum as a starter then switch to Sao, but our federation could not allocate games for national team for such a long time and Continue Reading →

May 22nd, 2016 Practice at 3 Schools in Phnom Penh

Boeung Trabek High School His excellency Thavy Nhem and I went to 3 schools today from 7:00. Fist one was for the first time at BOEUNG TRABEK HIGH SCHOOL. We had about 60 students joined. (Donation from Seibu Lions: 30 gloves, 20balls, gears and bats). Spent an hour and half with one Golden Bats member. Unfortunately, I was too busy coaching them so no pics, but I was very impressed by many talents from boys and girls. Second one we paid a visit was BKK high. Nobody was there due to miscommunication but informed that we will be there every Sunday from 9:30 to noon. The third one was the Continue Reading →

Donation and Practice Schedule

Boeung Keng Kang HS Started from Sunday 22 May; Mr. Tony Nishimura responsible. CBAF gave 20 gloves, balls, bats. Tony will start with expat children living close to this school. Boeung Trabek HS Will start Sunday 22 May; Mr. Tony Nishimura responsible. CBAF gave 30 gloves, balls, bats and helmets Boeung Trabek Elem School Will start Friday 21 May; Mr. Johnny Law responsible till Sept/2016. Two players from Blue Wave will help also. Need volunteers. We will use their PE times 7am and 4pm on Friday and Saturday. CBAF gave 30 gloves, balls, bats and helmet.