May 22nd, 2016 Practice at 3 Schools in Phnom Penh

Boeung Trabek High School

His excellency Thavy Nhem and I went to 3 schools today from 7:00.
Fist one was for the first time at BOEUNG TRABEK HIGH SCHOOL.
We had about 60 students joined. (Donation from Seibu Lions: 30 gloves, 20balls, gears and bats).
Spent an hour and half with one Golden Bats member.
Unfortunately, I was too busy coaching them so no pics, but I was very impressed by many talents from boys and girls.
Second one we paid a visit was BKK high. Nobody was there due to miscommunication but informed that we will be there every Sunday from 9:30 to noon.
The third one was the one started a month and half ago that name is Toul Svay Prey Elementary School(as the picture below).
They were enjoying the game.
Hiro from Bello joined before we got there and left for his work but those kids were enjoying the game.
It was like a dream…
Kids at the school playing and enjoying the game of baseball made me little emotional.
Took me 5 years to get to the point where we were….
Counting from Vietnam? over 9 years….
After his excellency Thavy Nhem replaced the former president, Cambodia Baseball Federation is growing SOOOOOOO Fast.
We will have more to come so be ready for it!!!!
Mr. Pitora is in charge of this school and he is deploying a lot of skills and fun to those kids.
God bless him and all of these children.

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