3rd of July, 2016 Friendship Match: Korea Dream Team, Golden Bats


We had Friendship match on the 3rd of July, 2016.

National team against “Dream Team” from Siem Reap, Korean 2 teams combined as one team and Golden Bats, Japanese Team formed in Phnom Penh.

First game Golden Bats vs. National Team. 7-4 Loss

Second game Dream Team vs. National Team. 0-15 Win

The first game article: Bit Sao as a starter chosen by our team captain Choy Vanna. As a head coach myself had a thought that until the game is settled, I would rather put Phearoum as a starter then switch to Sao, but our federation could not allocate games for national team for such a long time and the purpose of the game is friendship match, so I allowed them to coordinate the starting line up at the meeting on the previous day. As a result, Sao gave them 4 scores in early inning but there was my intention that to national team to come from behind and win the game so we can put better pitchers toward the end.

From the early innings, we had many chances to score. My command was to steal as many bases as possible trusting our physical but seeing the fact that they were way out of shape because they have been coaching in P.E. class in schools not having their condition maintained.

I changed my command not to try to steal the base seeing the opponents battery were functioning in high level, they did not even listen. Try to steal the 3rd base and get tagged, after they hit the line drive and tried to get the extra base where they had no rooms to go for. That was disaster. They were running like cows by the way.

Only the positive part having the first game was that; although the national team were way out of shape, due to their experience with games, out fielders were very defensive, knowing the location of the pitch by pitch to shift their positions and caught several line drives. Batting? Well, with their current physical? FAIR.

The second game; There would not be too much to say about it because the score we made were mostly errors created by opponents. Saw several good line drives but with the score we made, they were relaxed so those don’t count. I hope they are relaxed as they were when we compete against others in the real game though.

Over all; It was another shinny day on the field where I am stilled allowed to be playing baseball that God given. I have been Head Coaching this team for over 5 years now and I am so disappointed that I do not have enough power to bring them to international games for them to get serious. I still am being said that “We need real coach here and that” but I am still standing.

I have gone through the hell with baseball in Vietnam by hearing same thing once the team get to the point enough to compete against other teams from other country. It’s a same old story that people believes that as long as they have good coaches and all, they can become better team. I totally agree, but my question is “Would they pay their accommodation to stay and try to run the federation out of their own pocket without any support?”, “Would they know the character of each player?”.

Of course if CBAF had enough money to hire coaches from Pro, sure the team gets stronger but it’s money we are talking about. Yes, those pros or coaches can come and go and look down on me, FINE as long as they stay here for such long time and at the same time, try to run the federation? Heck NO.

I can proudly say to my Japanese family and my family in the States that I am the best they have got at this moment and nobody can do like the way I do to support both Feds and Team including to consider before and after for their baseball life.

As you can see, I am way too much to be addicted with baseball but I am proud of myself of the things that I am doing here.

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